Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Elementary Program

 Name Position Email
 Araujo, Jennifer  Teacher
 Arnush, Kenna Teacher
Beal, Marilyn Teacher
 Birley, Jodi Youth & Child Care Worker
Block, Kim Office Support Secretary
 Cameron, Audrey  Teacher
Feenstra, Heidi Teacher
Haller, Alana Teacher
Jang, Elaine Teacher
Jukich, Teresa Teacher
Kellett, Michael Teacher
Sanderson, Caitie Teacher
Seabrook, Janene Teacher
Sinkler-Thomas, Connie Teacher
Tarchuk, Danielle Teacher
Zuvic, Jennifer Teacher/Department Head


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Secondary Program

 Name Position Telephone Extension Email
Anderson, Alison Teacher – Planning 10, English, Transition, Work Experience 605163
Bergman, Crystal Office Assistant 605009
Desrosiers, Gregory Teacher – ASL,First Nations, Social Studies
Duhamel-Conover Counsellor
Gardiner, Terry Teacher – Math, Science, ASL, Access PE 605149
Gunter, Cathy Teacher – Math, English, Computer Studies 605158
Heavyside, Ken  Youth & Child Care Worker
Jeffery, Christy Teacher – English 605161
Lumb, Yolana Teacher – English, Psychology
Miller, Robyn Teacher –  Baking, Foods, Sewing 605195
Padagdag Teacher – Math, Science 605164
Seabrook, Janene Teacher – Deafblind, English
Weir, Glyn Teacher – Math, Science, Intro to Technology, Social Studies 605157
Williams, Shelley Teacher/Department Head


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